Now Playing —-> Tiësto

8 Nov

Electric and House music takes talent to create. While some people are masters of guitars and drums, others have the control and technique to use technology to create music. The man who is pure sensational is Tiësto.

To give a brief background, Tiësto was born and brought up in Breda, Netherlands. It was here that young Tijis (his real first name) gained interest in music and began to DJ at a couple of venues near his house. People loved him for his ability to beat match and put twists on classic songs. Once his popularity began to grow, Tijis created a couple of different names for him to go buy. It wasn’t until his first album in 1998 did Tijis go by the name DJ Tiësto. Eventually the DJ was dropped, and Tiësto was born. He has made the Billboard Top 100 several times with hit songs and his album Elements of Life.

Tiësto is known for his beat-crazy, base-dropping creations. At concerts, he has amazing visual effects and lighting. The man has crowds of thousands, jammed into an arena or open venue, screaming and jumping to his songs.

Below are some links to some of Tiësto’s songs and live preformances. Just press play and enjoy…

Zero 76 – Tiësto ft. Hardwell


C’mon – Tiësto ft. Diplo

Tiësto Live at Electric Zoo New York 2011

Maximal Crazy – Tiësto









One Response to “Now Playing —-> Tiësto”

  1. Bradley Oesch November 15, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    I’ll make sure and give it a listen later, good write up!

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