Apple, Google and Those Other Companies Part One: Visual Presentation

3 Dec

Apple and Google are probably two of the most powerful companies in the world today. Some people even believe they could be two independent countries, breaking away from California. Every once in awhile, you can even hear the news that Apple and Google have more money in surplus cash than the American government. Well, this could probably be true due to the debt that America is currently trying to dig their way out of. But, what makes Apple and Google so attractive to the consumer market? Well, I believe, their ability to follow some of the key principles of the WOVEN text, (yes, the WOVEN text) and physiological marketing are what makes them so attractive to the World.


Ask any child between the ages of 5-14, and they will easily identify the colors, symbols and styles of Apple and Google. This is because both companies take appearance in their logos and products into consideration. Apple, from the very start, had chosen an apple to represent their company. Initially, the apple was rainbow in color. Their initial color established them as the creative and innovative company they are today. They chose to start their company on bright, vibrant array of colors, which correlated to the newly designed computer age. Both the new computer age and the colors of Apple’s logo carried the same message of bold and futuristic. Microsoft, Apple’s mortal enemy, has just released their new symbol as multi-colored, trying to uphold the same creative emotion Apple once had. Now, always being one step ahead of Microsoft, Apple have chosen to go with a much more professional, sleek, white, metallic and black look which have defiantly appealed to the 21st century principles of futuristic in simplicity. Apple sells to the eyes first, which is an innate principal human’s from birth.


Google also has a great control over their visual appearance. What makes everyone so eager to use Google is their user-friendly homepage. First of all, they make sure that the search bar and buttons are clearly visible, making it the center or the focus of their page. This allows the user to waste no time, scrolling up and down on the page, trying to search for something they want to use to search (ironic isn’t it). Secondly, they keep their logo clearly defiant, using a blank white background as the contrast. Other website like Yahoo and MSN, tend to have less focus on their logo. However, Google’s ability to imprint their logo into their user’s mind has cost them little to nothing on advertising. Google, as the multi-billion dollar corporation as it is, has spent the least amount on advertising than any other Forbe’s 500 company.


By following the visual presentation principles of WOVEN text and understanding the mind set of the consumer or audience, both companies (Google and Apple) have had success in presenting their brands as superior to their competitors. 


One Response to “Apple, Google and Those Other Companies Part One: Visual Presentation”

  1. Matthew Alin December 3, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    I agree with you. Google and other large comapnies such as Apple employ techniques that we see in the WOVEN text from GT. Without doubt it is important never to forget the importance of such techniques as we move on through college.

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