5 Dec

Having confidence can help you in so many situations in your life. It is can be false confidence or real confidence that can get you out of many situations.


One’s confidence can reflect his or her decisions. If you cannot confidently present your idea, why should anyone else believe or have any motivation to follow it? If the creator cannot articulate his audience to follow the idea, it gives the feeling that even the creator does not have faith in the idea. Confidence is key when trying to sell an idea or product. Simply being confident can intimidate opponents as well. While you may be scared of an enemy, by maintaining a confident attitude and expressing that confidence through your words, you may instill your opponent to doubt him/herself.


The great thing about confidence is that it can be false. Lets say, hypothetically speaking of course, you were not prepared for a presentation. However, you were very interested in pursing your idea over anyone else. When giving your presentation, you hit points with confidence, express your idea with those “power words” and this can develop the false confidence that could get your idea sold. However, if not diligent enough in creating the false confidence, your lack of preparation could be caught.


Sometimes people need to hear a confident leader. Many decisions the president makes are on matter and principles that the majority will not accept. However, through the confidence in the speeches and interviews, a president can keep a nation calm and under control while following through with an idea. Hopefully, the president has no false confidence.


You can read books and articles on how to raise confidence, but in the end, it comes down to the individual. When obtaining confidence, believe that you are right. You are correct. No one can wrong you. It is your idea, you thoughts, and how can anyone say your thoughts are wrong?


This is pretty funny……….


One Response to “Confidence”

  1. Matthew Alin December 6, 2011 at 12:12 am #

    Nice vid! I agree that others can not tell you what confidence is because like happines I is some thing that is entirely based off the individuals experiences and perceptions. Confidence can be bad and good. In either case confidence leads to increased sled esteem but it us important to realize that having too much confidence or over confidence can be a bad thing that causes others to dislike the person being over confident.

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