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Manchester United: The Devils in Hell

9 Dec

Well. Looks like the Red Devils have finally fell back into the depths of Hell. If running second in the Premier League to across the town rivals Manchester City wasn’t bad enough, Fergusson’s boys fell to FC Basel in the UEFA Champions League group stage, failing to qualify to the knockout round. After placing runners up at Wembly last season, what is going on with United? While a team like Manchester United obviously has the caliber to come back from such an “embarrassment,” let me start out and point out a couple flaws.

Inconsistency from Star Players: Nani and Rooney

Don’t get me wrong; Nani and Rooney are some of the finest players in the world. However, they are yet to become those players that teams can depend on in the dark moments on a regular basis. Ok, so Rooney, after having a horrific start to Manchester United’s 2010-2011 Premier League Campaign, regained form after his world class bicycle kick against Manchester City, which most experts claim was the goal that won United the title. However, after starting this season in top-flight fashion, Rooney has evaporated from the headlines, having a goal drought after scoring two hat tricks. While the Englishman has also put in a couple assists, he has yet to achieve that consistency that will place him amongst the classes of Ronaldo and Messi in brute attacking penetration. Nani also has a similar issue. While he has already had a couple of remarkable strikes on goal and pulled United from down under with impressive dribbles and crosses, he has yet to achieve his job in replacing fellow countryman, Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United. He has the ability to due so, but fails to meet his high standard of play in all matches that count. Both players are without a doubt top class players (both made the FIFA Baloon D’or 55-List). However, United fans are always going to look to them for the extra attacking power they offer. Hopefully they will stop disappointing.

Extremely Defensive Midfield:

Nani, while starting as a right midfielder, has now been pushed to more of a right-winger. So, this leaves absolutely no attacking creativity in the midfield. Anderson opens up the midfield with the most flaws. The Brazilian (who has only eight appearances with Brazil’s National Team) has very little attacking creativity. He is not by any means a gifted dribbler with the ball nor is he fast. When he plops a goal, it is quite a remarkable scene. He is backed up by absolutely zero offensive minded midfielders of Carrick and Fletcher. Both, almost always, hate playing their backs against a defender, just hitting the ball at the back with Ferdinand and Vidic. One possible replacement for the center-mid is Cleverly. The boy has had some remarkable games this season, and I hope Ferguson sees the potential I do to save United’s midfield. Ashley Young was a great signing. The ex-Aston Villa star is always giving a 100% on the field and open’s up United’s attack with grace. A signing of a center-attacking midfielder has to be on United’s List (hopefully Wesley Sneidjer).

While I could keep on going on, these are United’s two big issues. That’s why they have games in which they just win 1-0. There defense has had its faults with Johnny Evans and the occasional minor blunder by Vidic, but they are very consistent in keeping the ball away from the net with the help of the excellent de Gea.


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